Inch by Inch AZ
Inch by Inch had no online store on their Wordpress site, just a contact form and some prices. We moved their inventory onto Shopify so they can manage their in-person sales on the Shopify app, make online sales, run promotions, and more through Shopify but still have everything hosted their Wordpress site. We redesigned it to provide a more modern feel, but kept it on Wordpress to keep the budget low. We also manage their marketing and have increased their inbound sales over 100%.

What we did

1. Designed an outdated Wordpress site with Divi

2. Implemented Shopify lite for managing inventory, making online sales, and processing in-person transactions

3. Grew their email newsletter list with Hellobar & Mailchimp to increase online sales

4. Write and send monthly email newsletters

5. Implement a Google Review campaign to increase search traffic

6. Graphic design and content creation for their Instagram page

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