We live in a country

That spends trillions of dollars of our money a year to buy weapons and fight wars in other countries

Yet when our children go to school there is no guarantee they won’t come home

in a body bag

That when we go into the grocery store

That we will come out alive

Our government can’t protect us

From each other

They took an oath: all enemies - foreign and domestic

Yet dollar signs and greed corrupt

As society lives in fear

Buying guns to protect ourselves

From each other 

Staying home to avoid getting shot

At the concert, the movie theater, the church, the synagogue, the elementary school

When will we set down our weapons?

And see that the only war worth fighting in the war against fear?

Against the myth that you and I are separate? 

When will we stop placing our faith in a government that can’t pay a hospital bill when you’ve been shot by a gun they couldn’t stop from being sold?

But they can pay for drone strikes in Yemen, Kabul, Pakistan?

When will we see 

That the only way we can survive this life

Is with each other.